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AH Game Night - Gavin & Michael

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literally silently screamed everywhere cAROLINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i’m crying because of tex and church but then caboose

and simmons is like “is caboose god? you know it makes sense now that i think about it. sure would explain the platypus” lET ME BE SAD DON’T MAKE ME IMMEDIATELY HAPPIER

york is kinda hot ayyyyy papi 


when i finish catching up on rvb i’m gonna marathon it all in one go

guys maine

before he went crazy

but is still a little crazy and a lot quiet

my favourite kind of person

i might have just jizzed myself at that falling scene 

so intense

so up my alley

"hey man, mind holding this for me for a second?" york noooo

not a huge fan of agent carolina just because she’s too cocky

all these nervous meek soldier people make me sad cause they all get eviscerated